Boy’s Basketball Brief

Boys Basketball Brief

Dylan Berry, Staff Writer

Major coaching changes affected the boy’s basketball program this season. Former coach Bud Hendrix returned as the head coach of varsity four years after his retirement. Assisting him is alternative high school teacher Chris Mascio. History teacher Brian Emery returned as the JV coach, with ISS coordinator Timmy Charity as his assistant.

“This season is different, but in a good way,” senior Jazz Hanson said. “[Mr. Hendrix] is an experienced coach and knows what he is doing. If we listen to him, we will be successful.”

The teams had their first game Tuesday, Nov. 24 at Currituck. Despite losing 51-37, the varsity team remains positive and has high hopes for the rest of the season.

Like the varsity team, the JV team hopes to be successful on the court this year.

“I think we will have a good season,” freshman, JV player Josh Houston said. “We have a bunch of hard working athletes on the team and a pretty cool coach.”