New school activity helps students spark their interest


Meghan Jones, staff writer

Earlier this year, administration introduced a new school initiative: spark day. Spark days are intended to help students try new things and learn about different hobbies and activities.

Principal John Luciano and the School Improvement Team came up with the idea because they wanted to increase student participation in extracurricular activities and to provide students with an opportunity to explore their interests.

“Rather than doing the things we have done, why not try a different idea and let students pick the ones they want to be apart of,” Luciano said. “This is fun and allows students to experience things that may spark an interest.”    

So far, students have participated in two spark days, the first on Dec. 16 and the second on Feb. 19. For these days, teachers planned and organized activities they enjoy doing.

”I love singing and I love encouraging others to share their voice! I immediately picked karaoke to be my activity. I love to see new singers flourish and watch them gain their confidence on ‘stage,’” math teacher Liz Brown said.

Prior to the first spark day, teachers shared brief descriptions with the students and students were able to choose an activity. Some activities offered include karaoke, yoga, Pinterest crafts and boater safety. A total of 24 activities were offered.

“I think it is great that there are many options to choose from. This way people can find the one class they’re interested in,” junior Skylor Burke said.

Spark day lasts for 90 minutes and takes place between second and third period. This allows all students to participate and gives enough time for the activities.

“Spark day was interesting,” sophomore Seth Hash said. “I enjoyed learning new things and teaching other people guitar skills.”

Students aren’t the only ones enjoying the break in the school day.

“I did yoga and meditation with Ms. Rankin,” science teacher Pat Holland said. “Samantha Brown from the Studio in Nags Head came in to do yoga. I do think some students are ready to try some new activities, but overall it went really well!”

Following the Feb. 19 Spark Day, technology coordinator Mike Phelan surveyed students on their experiences. The survey showed that 88.6 percent of students enjoyed their spark day activity and 96.7 percent of students thought we should have more spark days.

“It was a blast just doing something laid back that wasn’t stressful on our brains,” senior Katie Ludolph said, “and students should be able to do more enjoyable things like this at school.”

The next spark Day will be April 20. Every student will sign up for a new activity, unlike last time when only limited switching was available. Students are looking forward to exploring new interests this time around.

“I chose boating safety with Mr. Houston and it was really fun,” junior April Moss said, “ but I am ready for something new.”