Poetry Out Loud experiences another successful year


Valentyna Koudelkova, staff writer

For the ninth year in a row, the school participated in Poetry Out Loud. All students were offered a chance to participate, and many chose to through their English classes.

Poetry Out Loud is national competition supported by The National Endowment for the Arts, the Poetry Foundation and U.S. state arts agencies. The program was brought to this district and Manteo High School by former English teacher Julie Osmon.

Competitors battling for a ticket to the school competition had to memorize a Poetry Out Loud approved poem which was 25 lines or fewer. However, many advanced placement students chose poems with more than 25 lines.

One student from each classroom level advanced to the school competition which occurred Jan. 11. At the school competition, students recited their winning classroom poem as well as another selection the memorized.

“I really enjoyed watching the Poetry Out Loud school competition this year,” sophomore Hannah Midgette said.  “I thought it was very brave of the students to recite their poems in front of the judges and audience.”

Junior Taylor Weaver took first place in the school competition with sophomore Emily Motley coming in second and sophomore Elizabeth Wheless in third.

The top three advanced to the district competition which was held at Waverider’s Cafe in Nags Head Jan. 26th. The district round included students from both MHS and First Flight High School. Weaver came in second in this round, earning her a position in the state competition. The state competition was held March 5.

“Winning the school competition was a major accomplishment because the other participants did an amazing job,” Weaver said. “I can’t wait for next year!”