College trip opens eyes to new college possibilities


Joce Ramirez, Staff Writer

Thirty-one students traveled as far north as Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to tour colleges with college counselor Seth Rose in early April. 

Students enrolled in his Rose’s ACT prep activities were eligible to tour colleges on the east coast with him. His ACT prep sessions took place in the weeks prior to the March 1 ACT test date. Students met during IT and after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays to prepare for the national test.

“ACT prep isn’t fun, so the trip was a fun incentive to attend. If the students went to the not-so-fun thing, then they got to do the fun thing!” Rose said. “The best way to find out the best is to go and visit it and make an experience. I wanted to take students out so that they can visit and be exposed to schools that they won’t otherwise get the chance to see.”

CTE teacher, Michael Twigg, AVID teacher Ralph Cleaver and media specialist Lindsay Daniels accompanied Rose on the trip as chaperones. The chaperones and students left early in the morning April 7 and returned late in the evening April 9.

While gone, they visited five colleges: the University of Richmond in Virginia, Georgetown University in Washington D.C.,  American University in Washington D.C., Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania, and Goucher College in Maryland.

“The colleges we saw on the trip were absolutely beautiful and each one we visited was different.  It was a neat experience to go to colleges away from our small town,” junior Taylor Weaver said.

At each college campus, students were able to see what the colleges offer and the admission requirements. While on tour, students ate in dining halls, spoke to admission counselors and visited academic buildings and facilities.

“The colleges that I visited provided a great experience, one in particular made me feel like I really would love to attend it and that college was Gettysburg,” sophomore Angela Anacleto said. “I learned much more about college by actually visiting them than I had previously by only doing computer research. It’s important to get a feel of colleges by visiting them, you get to find out what you really want and what you don’t.”

These campus visits allowed students to get a better idea of what big and small and private and public colleges and universities are like. Students gained an understanding about student life at each college as well.

“I chose these colleges because they were within driving distance of Manteo,” Rose said. “They offer excellent education, graduate students at high percentages and offer great financial aid. The schools were very diverse in cultures as well as in academic offerings.”

The trip included more than the college tours. While in Baltimore, students attended the Orioles game against the Tampa Bay Rays. During the visit to Washington D.C., students explored the National Air and Space Museum.

“The baseball game was really fun because we all got to really lay back and hang out with our friends,” junior Skylor Burke said. “The museum trip was really fun too because we were all able to go off in groups and see stuff on our own.  It was also really cool to see the Wright Brothers exhibit there.”

The two night and three day trip packed in colleges and activities, and students enjoyed every minute of the opportunity.

“The college trip was a great opportunity to see colleges out of state,” junior Jenna Zottoli said.  “Not only did this trip broaden my horizons for what colleges I could attend.  I also became closer friends with my classmates.”