Spelling bee: buzzing with competition, fun

Spelling bee: buzzing with competition, fun

Myra Brown , Staff Writer

Contestants bent over white boards, markers in hand, whispering to each other about the correct way to spell the word. Teachers poised with pins in their hands waiting to pop the team’s balloons after a misspelled word.

On April 18 the English department hosted its third annual spelling bee. The bee provided students with an opportunity to show off their skills as well as have fun and enjoy refreshments at school.

“It was a fun time, especially getting the chance to wear a red cowboy hat and spend time with my best friends,” junior Megan Brinkley said.

There were a total of seven teams who participated, and each team had four members.  All grade levels were able to participate in the bee, and students were allowed to choose their own teams. The department encouraged teams to dress up too.

The spelling bee went for three rounds. The winning team won on the word “complement.” To spell the word correctly, teams needed to understand the difference between the homophones complement and compliment.

“We went in thinking we didn’t have a chance in the world, our teacher forced us, but we ended up having a great time, and winning was a plus,” junior Taylor Weaver said.

The winning group was named “Word Up,” and included Weaver and juniors   Skylor Burke, Hannah Anglin, and Makenzie Ulmer-Meekins.  The team earned their names on the trophy, and each member received a $15 Dunkin’ Donuts gift card as a prize.

“We were definitely not expecting to win at all, but we had a blast and wound up winning,” Ulmer-Meekins said.

All the students on the winning team were from Lea Dixon’s AP Language and Composition class. Dixon was especially excited by the win since the team prevailed over its rival, a team from Sarah Pritchard’s AP Language and Composition class.

“The spelling bee was just the first win in total annihilation of Mrs. Pritchard’s AP Language and Composition class,” Dixon said. “The next win will be the AP scores.”

The spelling bee has become a fun tradition and is expected to continue in the future.

“We started the spelling bee because we wanted to share our enthusiasm with students.  We’ll continue this tradition because it shows that learning can be fun,” English department chair Kassie Mount said.