Theater students take Europe over break


Katie Gruninger, Web Editor

Theater teacher Connie Rose and a group of nine students traveled across the pond during spread break. First stop: London. After five days in London, the students traveled to Paris for two days.

The students and chaperones left on March 26 and returned on April 3. The trip was sponsored by Rose’s Dockside Theater Company and travelers were responsible for paying for themselves. Several raised the money through various fund-raisers.

“Going to Europe was an amazing and life changing experience that I will never forget,” junior Grace Davis said. “I’m so incredibly thankful for the opportunity to go on the trip. I’m especially thankful for Miss Rose and Dockside Theater Co. for making it happen!”

There was no time to relax on this trip; the students and chaperones had full agendas. During their time in London the students were able to see The Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, The Tower of London, Big Ben, The City of Greenwich and the Prime Meridian, The London Eye, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square and many other famous sites.

“I saw and experienced so many things I’d only ever seen in pictures which were breathtaking and I didn’t even want to come back to America. I just wanted to stay in Europe forever,” Celia Colletti said.

Rose took the students shopping at Harrods and let them explore the streets of Oxford and Bond. While in London’s west end, the group enjoyed productions of Phantom of the Opera as well as Kinky Boots.

While in Paris, the students were able to see the Notre Dame Cathedral and visit the Louvre, where they saw the Mona Lisa. The group was able to make it to the Eiffel Tower and take a night cruise on the Seine also.

“The Eiffel Tower was amazing,” freshman Sydney Childress said. “You could see it from across the city and it stood out. On the night cruise, we got to see all of the different sites along the river. The tour guide on the boat would explain everything three times, once in English, once in Spanish, and once in French. It was cool to experience such a beautiful city.”

Besides the shopping, sightseeing, and plays, the students also experienced European restaurants and transportation. Students got to ride in taxis and take a cruise down the Thames River, and even take an EuroStar train under the English Channel to Paris.

“Taking the EuroStar train felt really really cool because I’ve never ridden a train before and it was a new experience,” senior Jaidee Elliott said.   

In their short visit to Paris, the students were able to try traditional French foods, like snails. Even though their schedules were pretty packed, they were still able to explore some of the Paris streets and make their trip worth wild.

“I think everyone had a blast on the trip,” Rose said. “We had an excellent guide named Mike who was fluent in French, Spanish and German. He lives in England but has also lived in many other places.”

After returning, Rose began planning a future trip to Europe. Italy is on the calendar for next year, ciao!