Why does Mother’s Day get more attention?

Joce Ramirez, Staff Writer

Why exactly is Mother’s Day more significant than Father’s Day? Mother’s Day is celebrated in May, while Fathers Day is celebrated in June. On both days, children get to celebrate their parents and what they do for them.

People always wonder why mother’s seem to get more attention than fathers do. Is it because mothers made more of a sacrifice for their children by putting them first? Or can it be that mothers have something that led them to mean more to their child due to a bond?

The holiday falls in the month of May and children tend to give more meaningful gifts to their moms. Children don’t seem to think much of the gift for their dads. Oftentimes with Father’s Day, the gift is more about the thought than the item. This happens because dads do not seem to ask or expect as much for Father’s Day as moms do for Mother’s Day.

Moms all over seem to deserve the best mother award because they carried us for nine months and during this time we developed a special bond with our moms. Moms are often the one caring for us and spending their nights awake with us during the first years of our lives.

On the other hand, fathers usually support economically and provide support in other ways.

According to Science Daily, the bond between a mother and child comes from oxytocin. Oxytocin is a hormone that comes from the brain and it is involved in the social activity and the bonding which forms into the trust between two people. As this hormone is released from the mother to the child, it’s said that the baby grows with the love and care that is needed.

Some teens can agree that they struggle at times to find something meaningful to give their mother. They always want the most extravagant option to give their moms because mothers deserve something that they can keep close to them and cherish. These gifts can be tangible items or acts of kindness. Flowers and jewelry are popular gifts while kind acts include: making a nice breakfast, taking her out lunch, washing her car, going to the movies and eating a fancy dinner.

I know I put more emphasis on my mom because she’s always there for me when I need her. She cooked and cleaned for me when I’ve gotten sick, and she has also spent some nights with me doing science projects and completing assignments.

Mothers and fathers deserve that special meaningful day because they sacrifice so much for their children. For a mother, it means everything for their children to be the best that they can be and grow up with the love they need.

Fathers also deserve the credit because they want to spend time with their children and give them as much love and attention as they can provide. They should also receive the same recognition as mothers.

Fathers should be celebrated in the same way as mothers because they play an equally important role in a child’s life. Children also value their father’s in different ways. Fathers are role models. Not only do they support financially, but they are also there for their kids emotionally. Fathers try their best to bond with their children like mother’s naturally do, but sometimes it’s harder. According to Live Science, men also release oxytocin, but in a different way than women.

Both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day celebrate a respective parent or parental figure, but, for some reason, Mother’s Day always seems to be a bigger, more significant holiday. Even though children might prefer one parent over another on any given day, they still value each parent equally. Both mother and father care for their child and they deserve to be praised the same.