Clinton, Trump: is either fit to lead this country?

Watson Harvey , Staff Writer

This time next month the White House will have some new occupants.

There are many who tried, but now it’s down to two compelling candidates competing to hold our nation’s highest office, the nuclear codes and control over one of the world’s most powerful and influential nations. Who are these two candidates? Well, why don’t we call one a clown and the other a mime. If you haven’t already guessed, they both belong in a circus.

Donald Trump, the Republican nominee, is a successful businessman and proud grandfather while Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee, is a champion for human rights and gender equality. Also, you have to admit; they’ve both been guilty of some things. It’s safe to say that they both have their fair share of good and evil.

Certainly, they both have a shot, right? You’d think they do, but some are speculating that a certain Secretary is about to get a big promotion.

Researchers from Stanford University recently released a paper that  suggests voter fraud which favored Hillary Clinton in the primaries.

If the Clinton campaign was capable of manipulating the primary, then what’s to stop them from doing the same in the general election?

Trump says that he will only accept the results of the election “if he wins.” While this isn’t exactly fair, it does have some merit. Let’s check the facts: Clinton takes money from Wall Street and unfairly crushed Bernie Sanders in the primaries. In my opinion, this election has been set up to give Clinton an unfair advantage. Is a Democracy still a Democracy if people’s votes are tampered with? Yes and no. Some votes still count, but some are tossed out by biased poll officials and miscounted by corrupt volunteers.

Clinton isn’t entirely at fault, either; the Democratic National Party has openly favored Clinton over Sanders because of her “traditional” Liberal ideals and thoughts on issues such as the problems we face at our Southern border and gun control issues.

Sanders’ pushed a complete reform of American government as we know it. He promised to do something that the DNC has always feared. He promised that he would do what he believed was truly right, instead of what Wall Street wanted. Clinton will do anything to become president, including saying what others want her to.

The Clinton family isn’t known for being honest (but Trump isn’t innocent either), and Hillary is no different. Benghazi, Whitewater, the emails, the list goes on!

Trump says she’s cheating, conservative media says so too, but what do you think? Is Clinton cheating? My verdict is simple: maybe she is, maybe she isn’t.

Either way, voter fraud is a real problem in both state and federal elections. The United States may be a Democracy, but as long as voter fraud exists, it isn’t an honest one.

Corrupt officials must be stopped before the one percent controls our country. Don’t get me wrong, Trump is even more unfit to lead this nation. In my opinion, the GOP and the DNC have tried to pass off two bogus fools as presidential candidates, and anyone that follows them blindly needs to check themselves.

Remember when politicians supported the will of the people? Remember when the majority ruled? Voter fraud must stop. It starts with you, voters and future voters. Vote not for what your mother and father vote for, vote not for what your colleagues and friends vote for, instead vote for what you truly believe is right. Do that, and we may just have a sliver of hope.