SGA provides place to get supplies for those in need


Sophia Farrow, Staff Writer

For the last three years, the Student Government Association has provided school supplies to students in need prior to the opening of school. This initiative turned into something bigger this year, and it’s called the Backpack.

The Backpack stocks supplies for students in need. The supplies include pencils, pens, binders, book bags, highlighters, paper, notebooks, ect. Although school supplies are the main focus, hygiene items and nonperishable food items are also available through it. The Backpack is located outside the gym doors and it’s open year round.

“The Backpack was started because administration, teachers, and guidance felt there were numerous students who needed supplies and personal items that could not be provided for them,” guidance counselor and SGA adviser Marie White said.

Any student who is in need, or is in a position where they cannot purchase what they need, can go to guidance where they will be able to have a confidential discussion with one of the counselors about what they need. The counselors will then pack the items needed and deliver them to the student.

“The Backpack is great because it provides items students really need to be successful in their studies,” SGA president Josh Pack said.

Whether it be a whole backpack of supplies or a pack of pencils, the Backpack is where those in need of something can get it. Donations as well as supplies bought by the SGA keep the Backpack stocked.

During the first week of school the SGA had a supply drive where students brought school supplies to their second period class and put them in a supply drive box.

“It was an awesome accomplishment to be in the winning class because I knew we were doing it for a good cause,” senior Brittany Nieman said.

The Backpack accepts donations of supplies and personal hygiene items, and SGA members organize and maintain it.

White said, “We hope that students will feel comfortable enough to let us know in guidance what they need to help them get through each day here at school.”