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What a life without social media looks like

Sophia Farrow, Staff Writer

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Do you ever wonder what life would be like without social media?

Well let me start off by saying that there would be a lot less time spent on electronics. Would we even need smart phones if it were not for social media? The only reason we need a phone is to be able to contact one another. People would be amazed as to what they could get done in the time that is normally spent on social media. Not only could people get more things done in that spare time but they could also be spending time with family and friends instead of posting about where or what they are doing with their family and friends.

People my age (15) do not really know what life is like without social media.  For most people my age we cannot fathom what people did before social media. Fifteen years ago people would not have been posting about insignificant things like what they had for dinner or why they dislike somebody or posting selfies of themselves. In today’s world, people share constantly share insignificant details on social media and or over-share pictures of themselves.

I took the challenge to see what a week would be like without social media and prioritized my time. During the week that I did not use social media I was able to go to bed earlier and was able to wake up earlier to get my day started. The time I spent on social media during the week before I took this challenge was probably near five hours, nearly an hour a day.

Now, I probably spend thirty minutes on social throughout the whole week. Without looking on social media constantly I found I had much more time to spend on studying for my classes and upcoming tests. I found that because I was not looking on social media that I was spending more time with my family and was more conscious of all that I had gotten done in my day and all that I had learned. This was because I was able to spend some time reflecting on what my day had been like.

While I was without social media I felt like I was sort of out of the loop with what was going on in the world, but after a few days I did not even reach for my phone to check my social media accounts. When I would sit down to eat supper with my family, my mom would tell us the news about what had recently happened in the world. Normally, I would already know about such events as those that she was telling us about, but without social media I looked forward to hearing about the “news” without having to cut on the tv. The conversations that my family had at the supper table did not change throughout the week that I did not use social media. However, throughout the week I had not already known the news that my family was talking about, so I was more interested in the conversations going on.  One piece of news that I learned of from my mom was that scientists think they have discovered which parent the smart gene comes from. Scientists think that children get the “smart” gene from their mother.

During my week without social media I felt that I was more in touch with all that was going on around me. Later, when the week was over and I could check social media again I realized that half of the accounts I were following were a waste of my time. So I unfollowed many of the useless, time wasting accounts. An example of one of the accounts that I was following that was a waste of my time was one of the accounts that posts comics/memes, and it posted so much that it took up most of my timeline.

Due to this week without social media, I now find it easier to no longer feel the constant need to check my social media accounts. It is not uncommon for me to go days without checking any of my accounts now. I spend the time that I wasted on social media studying for my classes, spending time with my family and going to bed earlier.

There are many benefits to not using social media. The benefits include more free time, less stress, being able to be more aware with all that took place or was learned during your day, so take on the challenge and go without being on social media for a week. It will show how in reality you do not need to be on social media 24/7.

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What a life without social media looks like