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New app creates interest in familiar character, Pokemon

Bailey Southard, Staff Writer

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Pokemon is a game about catching, training and battling little monsters  It has spanned over two decades and has gone from video games to a card game to an ongoing television show and now to the app “Pokemon Go.”

The first video game was created by Satoshi Tajiri in February of 1996. As a child he would catch insects while living in suburban Tokyo. The first games, Pokemon Red and Pokemon Green, allowed players to catch and train all 151 original Pokemon in order to become a Pokemon master.

“I’ve played [the video games] since I was really little, like 4. I used to play Pokemon blue in the car during road trips, and to be honest, not much has changed,” senior Shelby Foster said. “I only really play Pokemon Go when I’m out and I still get just as excited when I catch a Pokemon.”

After the video game, a Pokemon trading card game was developed with it’s own set of rules. The cards were released in October of 1996, it contained 102 cards and became very popular, very fast.

“I did collect some cards. I never actually played, but I still have a ton of the cards because I think I enjoyed the concept overall and the way it was carried out,” sophomore Noah Gross said.

A year later, in April 1997, an anime series was created based on the games. The main character was a Pokemon trainer named Satoshi (later called Ash Ketchum in the English dub) who was based on the Pokemon Red game. The anime was a hit with audiences which led to a manga series being written based on it.

“I started watching Pokemon because when I was younger, I loved cartoons,” senior Alisha Kershner-Hanna said. “I am happy that the show/games have transformed into an app, it gets people out of the house and into the world doing what they love, catching Pokemon.”

For many years, Pokemon wasn’t very popular among teenagers and young adults this changed with the release of the app. On July 6, 2016, Pokemon Go was released in the United States and since then it has become a national hit.

“I heard about it online and I thought it would be cool to try,”  freshman Paige Southard said. “I like it because you can catch Pokemon while you travel or if you are bored.”

The popular app, called Pokemon Go, has sparked new interest in people of all ages. It not only gives a reason for people to go out and walk around, it also brings the magical land of Pokemon in our world. It gives young adults the ability to live the dream of being a Pokemon trainer, it gives younger kids a realistic game where they can catch cool and exciting creatures, and it’s just a fun game all in all for adults who decide to get it.

“[I decided to play Pokemon Go because] everyone else was doing it, and I thought it would be fun,” junior Kelsea Sexton said.

Pokemon Go brings childhood dreams of catching Pokemon to life. In the new app people are able to catch Pokemon, level them up, evolve them, and battle in gyms. And although the new app isn’t exactly like the old games or the t.v. show, it is still a lot of fun and an active game which can get people out and about in the real world while enjoying something they love.

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New app creates interest in familiar character, Pokemon