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Serious or sick joke: what’s the deal with “creepy clowns?”

Dylan Berry, Staff Writer

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Clowning around has gotten out of hand.

Clowns are meant to be funny, but they are beginning to be thought of as dangerous. Despite comical intentions, many individuals find clowns frightening. They are not entertained by them and they do not like seeing them.

Because of negative feelings, clowns don’t have good reputations to begin with. And these recent creepy clown sightings in neighborhoods across the country are making things worse. The clowns are showing up in neighborhoods and beckoning children into the woods with candy and money and harassing women.

“When I see the clowns on the news, I think it is a bunch of immature men that need to do something with their lives instead of scaring people,” junior Hannah Schuman said.

There have been more than 40 clown sightings already, and the number continues to increase. The first spotting was in Greenville, SC. Here, the clowns were harassing young women and getting children to follow them into the woods using candy. Not long after this sighting, clowns were spotted in North Carolina.

“I did not like that there were clowns on my sister’s college campus, but I know that the campus police took the clown sightings serious which made me feel better and her feel safe,” junior Donovan Twyne said.

When the scary clown sightings began, people were not sure what to think. Although they were bothering the people who were near them, they did not hurt anybody.

Different theories exist about the influx of scary clowns. Some think the clowns are popping up as a promotional tactic for the remake of Stephen King’s horror classic “IT.”

Law enforcement officers are taking the clowns seriously because they never know when somebody is out to hurt or to make a good laugh. They have their eyes open for anything unusual happening in the community.

“As law enforcement officers our main job is to protect the people and their property and anything that puts the people and their property in danger is a concern to us,” school resource officer Mark McKay said.

News of scary clown sightings has peaked the interest of many teens. This interest has been sparked by clown social media accounts asking to follow students and interacting with them.

Some students now spend their weekend nights going out to hunt for clowns. They check dark woods and local hangouts to see if any are there. Some claim they’ve already spotted some in the area, and others are still looking.

“I went clown hunting in Nags Head and did not see one,” junior Rowdy Austin said. “It was a good experience and I would definitely do it again.”   

Whether it’s in jest or not, these creepy clown sightings are causing panic. While some are enjoying the thrill by staking out clowns, others are freaked out and staying far away from all clowns.

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Serious or sick joke: what’s the deal with “creepy clowns?”