Talking? Dating? Going out? The complex reality of high school relationships

Brittany Nieman , Managing Editor

Dating in high school is overwhelming and complicated and it almost always involves unnecessary drama.

Being in a small town like Manteo, the reality is that when you get into a relationship, everyone around you is involved in your relationship. When your boyfriend talks to a girl in his third period class, four people make sure to inform you of it. Your friends are constantly telling you everything that your significant other is doing throughout their day and you’re constantly doubting your relationship.

Then there is the miscommunication.  Couples don’t seem to talk to each other about their relationship status anymore. “Talking” is dating without the title of being boyfriend and girlfriend. “Talking” is basically flirting with one another, texting, hanging out, but not deciding to fully commit to one another. Most teens prefer “talking” over dating because they aren’t tied down to just one person at a time, and they can talk to other people without feeling guilty about what they’re doing.

But “talking” can be tricky. It’s hard to tell when you’re “talking” to someone. With dating, at least you know when you are together somebody was “asked out.” With “talking,” it’s never really addressed. “Talking” gives you the feeling of being in a relationship without actually having to commit. It doesn’t tie you down and you are free to do what you want.

The truth is, people are afraid to commit to one another in high school. Whether it is because you don’t want the obligation of having to be with someone 24/7, you have plans to leave in the coming years, or you are just afraid of having your heart broken, there is always a reason.

Dating is not taken seriously anymore. Chivalry is nearly dead, and courtesies that were once common have now become a joke. Simple things like holding the door open and buying someone flowers is now practically unheard of.

Dating in high school has become something that very few want to be involved with and it is often difficult to find someone that wants to commit. It’s just easier to stay single and save yourself from the heartache.