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Spring break: how to make the most of your time off

Sophia Farrow, Staff writer

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Some people may go on vacations during spring break while others may hang out at home. Whatever is being done over spring break and wherever the week may take you, there are productive activities that can be done.

People who are going to college within the next year can start researching colleges that they are interested in or start filling out scholarship applications. Those who are not going to college within the next year can also research which colleges they might be interested in, but mainly they can prepare for tests that may be coming up after the break. For a person who knows what schools they are interested in, they can tour the campuses of those schools during spring break.

“My family and I are going to visit schools I was accepted to in the North. We’ll be riding up through Philly to Worcester, over to Boston and then down through New York and Baltimore,” senior Daniel Mitchum said.

If someone is on vacation they can make sure to walk to most of the places that they want to see. Waking up in the morning and getting a workout in the hotel gym is a great way to start off a vacation day. If someone leaves a few days before spring break to go on vacation, they can make time to complete assignments so they will be caught up when classes start back up.

People going on vacation are already being productive in some way. Visiting new places allows for new sights to be seen and a chance to learn about new different cultures. Whether it is someplace in the states or out of the country, there are always new historical facts to learn, landmarks to explore and food to out. If vacationing, make sure to not sleep the day away. Get up and get a move on to make the most of the trip.

“I think it’s important to visit other countries so you can learn about their culture and to get a bigger perspective on life, learn how other civilizations and people work and become culturally advanced in knowledge,” sophomore Bryce Kamp said. “The world is so enlightening to learn about it, and it really helps you to find who you are and have fun while doing it.”

While people on vacation have it harder in finding ways to be productive, there are still ways that they can get work done. When someone leaves to go on vacation they can bring the materials they need to get whatever it is that needs to be done with them. The best way to make sure they stick to the goal of getting it done while on vacation is to designate a set amount of time in the morning or at night to work on it. This would be a school friendly way to be productive over spring break.

There are also ways to be productive while staying home for spring break. Everyone has heard about spring cleaning, but who has the time to clean when there is school to go to and homework to do. Well over spring break there is none of that to get in the way of a spotless room.

“Read some good books, clean out drawers and closets to get rid of clothes you don’t or can’t wear anymore, research colleges and start gathering information, pick up a new hobby and have fun learning how to do it, and traveling. These are all good ways to spend your spring break productively,” guidance counselor Marie White said.

Those who do not have a job and need to get one this summer or sooner can start scoping out the options and looking for a place that is hiring or potentially needs help. They can then make sure that they meet all the work requirements and fill out an application.

“While some businesses hire students before break, it is still a good time to drop by a business and request an application. Be mindful of how busy they may be during break and be willing to come back with your application if they don’t have time to see you then,” career coordinator Rosamond Rankin said. “A good rule of thumb is take a resume with all the information that you will need on your application so that you can be both quick and accurate in completing it.”

Job shadowing is a great way to spend a day of spring break too. This provides an opportunity for students to see if they really want to pursue that profession. Another idea would be to volunteer at places like the SPCA or Food Pantry. This would allow someone to see if they like the field that they are thinking about going into.

“Spring break is a good time for an informal job shadow. It is always a good idea to try a career on for size. Everything, of course, should be arranged in advance,” Rankin said. “It can certainly help you to decide if this is what you want to do when you finish high school and move on the next level.”

There are many ways to be productive over spring break, or any break for that matter. Think ahead about what to do over spring break and what to do to be able to get it done.

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Spring break: how to make the most of your time off