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Blast from the past: old style trends make comeback

Lara Cate Wright, Staff writer

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They say history repeats itself, and 90s fashion trends are proving that saying true.  There are many of fashion trends that have made a comeback from the 90s in recent months. Trends and styles that were once considered “modern and daring” quickly changed to “ugly and out of style” as the style faded. However, more than a decade later the styles have been reborn.

Celebrities were the style icons of the 90s and not much has changed from then. Everyone wanted to look like their favorite musician or actress.  Whether it was Britney Spears, Cher from Clueless, Gwen Stefani, or one of the Spice Girls, they were all inspiration for fashion in the 90s. The clothes that the celebrities wore is what everyone else started to buy.

“I got my inspiration from music,” English teacher Lea Dixon said. “Nirvana and Lemonhead were definitely big inspirations to me.”

There are countless trends and styles that are coming back, but why? Designers, and celebrities are all embracing the comeback of 90s fashion. Celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Rihanna, Gigi Hadid and Selena Gomez have all been spotted wearing these trends with modern and chic pieces. These trends are being reintroduced in various ways. There are a lot of clothing brands that are recreating trends from the 90s. Look at Brandy Melville, a store that is gaining popularity in teen retail.  It sells clothes inspired by popular 90s looks such as off-the-shoulder shirts, crop tops and high waisted jeans. People are also finding these trends at thrift stores and in their parents’ closets.

“I always find vintage clothing that is making a comeback and is ‘trendy’ now. I like the distressed look of the clothing that I find at thrift stores,” freshman Isabel Roy said.

Clothing such as flannels, jean skirts, and mom jeans were all part of the 90s “grunge” and “too cool to care” style. The “grunge” style has definitely made a comeback, especially with the new interest in mom jeans.  Birkenstocks, slip dresses, and body glitter revisit the minimalism side of the 90s. In today’s fashion, Birkenstocks have made a huge comeback, while other pieces of fashion from the minimalism side of the 90s have stayed in the 90s. Other styles that were popular were the casual streetwear which included plaid, layering and low-rise, and ripped jeans. The “Britney Spears” trend was also in style with things such as mini-skirts, knee high socks and platform shoes.

“I saw that other girls look good in clothes from the 90s so I figured I would wear them too and now I like them,” sophomore Peyton Cooper said.

Hairstyles in the 90s were anything but boring. These hairstyles were youthful and playful. Popular looks were the half-up-half-down look, layers and space buns.  Hair accessories such as colored hair streaks, scrunchies, butterfly clips and bandanas were also common.  Some of these hairstyles have made a comeback, while others have not…yet.

“Space buns are quick, easy and creative,” freshman Averi Creef said, “When my mom first saw them, she really liked them and assumed I got the idea from the Spice Girls. I really didn’t though, I model mine after Ariana Grande.”

The saying “what goes around comes around” explains the fashion cycle perfectly. All of these trends have been popular, gone out of style, and then have made a comeback. In less than 20 years later, fashion from the 90s has made major comebacks.

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Blast from the past: old style trends make comeback