Junior’s passion for filmmaking is “limitless”


Topanga Daniels, Staff Writer

Junior Logan Marshall’s short film “Limitless” debuted at the sixth annual Surfalorus Film Festival Sept. 21. He is the first high school student to ever take part in the film festival.

“The premier was so much more than I imagined, I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been as nervous as I was thirty minutes before the premier started,” Marshall said. “Everything went smoothly and there was a lot of crowd reaction.”

Over 150 people attended the screening of “Limitless.” Experienced in photography, Marshall had previously won first place in the 2016 Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce My OBX photo contest. Due to his familiarity with cameras, Marshall decided to move to filmmaking.

“I wanted to make a film because it seemed like a step up from photography,” Marshall said.

Surfing has been a passion of Marshall’s since his youth. The idea to make a film connected to surfing, and Marshall’s passion for it. Reflecting on his generational love for surfing, “Limitless” followed suit.

“Limitless” follows the lives of three surfers from different generations and how surfing on the Outer Banks affected them. The story is told through the opinions of former professional surfer Jesse Hines, local surfer Nathan Greenlee and board shaper, as well as owner of Outer Banks Boarding Company, Lynn Shell.

“I chose surfing as my topic because most of my life is tied to surfing,” Marshall said. “I surf, I have done a lot of surf photography, and some of the people I’m closest with are in the surfing industry.”

The filming for “Limitless” started in January and carried on through July. After shooting was done, a month of editing and fine-tuning followed; however, not all of the work was done alone. Marshall involved his friends in the process of making the short film. Seniors Eric Williams and Cameron Locke helped Marshall in the areas he was not yet acclimated to, and 2017 graduate Emma Alter accompanied Marshall on shooting days.

Throughout the film-creation process, Marshall discovered struggles common with filmmaking and the end’s rewarding outcome.

“Deadlines started popping up and we weren’t ready but luckily an incredible swell came in through May and we were able to finish,” Marshall said. “Making this movie was seriously so much fun, even though it was hard and stressful at times we enjoyed every bit.”

Marshall enjoyed making this film so much he is in the process of creating a new one. Titled “Outer,” the short film is set to be finished in the late 2018.