Cross Country Fall 2017 Sports Brief

Cross Country Fall 2017 Sports Brief

Elizabeth Wheless, Staff Writer

After five years coaching the cross country and track teams, and leading both to state and conference success, head coach Mike Twigg branched off from Manteo and moved to his home state of Pennsylvania.

Twigg’s influence over the team not only affected the members, but his co-coach, science teacher Emily DiNoto, as well. The two worked as coaches together for multiple seasons and grew to work as a unit.

”I enjoyed coaching with Mr. Twigg,” DiNoto said. “I am sad that he had to move back to his home.”

Social studies teacher John Pouchot, who helped Twigg and DiNoto last season, replaced Twigg on the team’s coaching staff. Together, the two have continued coaching styles and tips they learned from Twigg. As a result, both teams have continued to see success.

Pouchot and DiNoto are working to up the team spirit through the implementation of “Fun Friday”. Each week, before meets, the team decides on an activity to participate in that would increase excitement and team involvement.

“DiNoto believe that if the athletes can find enjoyment in their sport then they will be better able to endure the stresses of hard workouts that come along with it,” Pouchot said. “The Friday before each of our invitational meets we did a fun activity, those ranged from Poker Scavenger Hunt to walking in the Homecoming Parade. We also make PR Cookies for any athlete that runs their personal best.”