Apple’s latest phone, iPhone X, tries to even competition with other smartphones


iPhone X by Dreamstime/TNS

Dylan Berry, Editor in Chief

Say goodbye to the old and hello to the new: the iPhone X. This phone separates itself from all other smartphones and previous iPhones due to its high end technology and its new edge to edge display.

Just like all the other smartphones, they do not come cheap. This high end iPhone entered the market at a selling price of $999. The price is a hold back for many, but for others, its the high end technology and design that draws attention.

“I feel like it is a ridiculous amount of money to pay for a phone,” senior Landin Wright said. “That is almost a grand that you could use to go on vacation.”  

The iPhone X entered the market this past October, and the phone’s only current major competition is the Samsung Galaxy S8. To top the competition, Apple designed the iPhone X with glass on both sides of the phone and stainless steel edges. The phone also comes with two color options: space gray and silver.

“The available colors of the phone has not changed as much as the phone it self,” senior Max Allison said. “Due to the glass that is on both sides of the phone, teenagers will be paying more money to get it fixed from dropping it so much.”

For the first time on an iPhone, Apple has omitted the home button. This creates for a larger screen and a more striking display. This is Apple’s biggest phone screen yet, with a diagonal measure of 5.8 inches. With the enlargement of the screen, some aspects were taken away and replaced.

With the removal of Touch ID, Face ID was introduced to unlock the phone hands free. There is now an upper swipe from the bottom of the screen after the face has been identified.  No matter how light or dark it is, the Face ID can scan a face to make sure for fast and reliable unlocking of the phone.

“Face ID would be helpful for those of us who sometimes forget our pass-code,” English teacher Anna Thomas said. “However, my children look like me, so my phone could possibly be unlocked by them.”

While all the focus is always on the back camera of a phone, this one is different. The front facing camera has been upgraded to a True Depth camera, which becomes very important in the phone’s performance.

“The iPhone X’s camera quality is amazing, they really have done some upgrading,” senior Mary Marchitelli said. “Apple really is moving forward with their new software and designs.”

With the upgrade of camera quality, both the front and rear facing cameras offer portrait mode. People will now be able to blur the background along with having more control over the lighting in the picture. There have also been new emojis added to the collection; this will give people more of a variety of choice when it comes to communication.

“I like how I can send Animojies and how the camera has portrait where it can blur out the background,” senior Marriah Maqueda said. “I also like how it can read my face to unlock it without having to use my fingerprint. The camera quality is great, and, overall, it is an amazing phone.”

With the idea that there is always room for upgrades, Apple has now introduced wireless charging. It creates a fast and easy way to charge the apple phones, specifically the iPhone X, without any hassle.

Although the iPhone X came out in October of 2017, people have now had the time to use it and see what the hype is all about. Technology is changing at lightning speed. Releasing new products once or twice a year makes it hard to keep up with the updates.