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How to avoid the awkwardness of a first date

Artwork by Taylor Cahoon

Artwork by Taylor Cahoon

Artwork by Taylor Cahoon

Chloe Griffiths, Staff Writer

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First dates. Yikes, right? Nerves and questions start to build up. Am I good enough? Will I make a good impression? What about our conversations: what do I say if the date gets awkward? What if I say something that makes me look funny?

After hearing other first date horror stories, do you think of not showing up? Some people dread going on the first date to avoid the date becoming another disaster story. But believe it or not, successful dates do exist.

First dates can be awkward and confusing. It’s a situation where neither person knows what the other is thinking. Because there is a high possibility that someone will say something embarrassing, it may become a bit quiet at times. This lull in conversation often results in one person asking to be excused from the table or looking around the room for an extended period of time.  The solution to this is to ask questions and get to know the person.

“I’m never really able to get over the nervousness or awkwardness of a date, I kind of just deal with it,” sophomore Olivia Walter said. “If my companion makes me feel comfortable and it’s easy to talk to them and be around them, that’s how I know if I want to see them again.”

The thought of a going on a date can be looked at two different ways: going as friends and going as a couple. Some may think of a date as “going as friends” to overcome the weirdness of a date. Going as friends is still a date, but it’s a date without expectations. Hanging out on a regular basis isn’t the same thing as a date.

“When I think of dates I think of starting off as friends, you’re good friends trying to make something more of your friendship,” sophomore Brianna Landazuri said.

When two people are starting a relationship, there is a chance they’ve hung out before.

When this is the case, going into the date they should know enough about each other to have small talk about the similar things that keeps both of them at ease. Knowing each other will help ease the tension of the quietness or short answers the other may have. If they have not hung out before, then this is the perfect opportunity to learn about each other. Pointing out that there is a weird silence may be thought of has being funny, which could create a happier mood

“Some conversations get more information out about the person that your starting a relationship with and give you more information that maybe you didn’t know,” junior Wyatt Fox said. “I think pointing out that there is a weird silence sometimes could be thought of as funny, but [it] could also be thought of as ‘oh my gosh they think I’m boring’ or something like that.”

Going on a first date can be a nerve-racking experience, but it can also be an exciting one. While not all first dates turn into full-blown relationships, the date can be a good start toward a good relationship or friendship.

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How to avoid the awkwardness of a first date