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Social media, gaming sites create unlikely friendships

Teresa Mejia, Staff Writer

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Through the click of a button, unlikely friendships have been created. With the power of the online world, people have been able to establish friendships with distant friends. These “friends” can extend to people all around the world, and it all started with the power of social media and online gaming.

As more social media and gaming sites are being created, the possibility of obtaining new friends increases.

“I stay in touch with most [online friends] via social media. I don’t really have that many online friends that I talk to on the regular but to me it’s just [an] addition to the friends that I already have in real life,”sophomore Kammy Adams said.

Although these new friendships may occur through a phone or an online gaming site, it does not diminish the value of the them.  These friendships can began with a simple comment on Instagram or responding to their Instagram stories. By initiating the conversation, a person can learn more about the other person’s character and can develop the friendship.

“I met this dude from Indiana. He added me on SnapChat through quick add, so I added him back,” sophomore Bri Landazuri said. “This was two years ago, and now we FaceTime almost every night. I consider him just as good [of] a friend as the friends I met in [the] traditional ways. I actually talk to him more than I talk to my friends here.”

By having the means to communicate with others who live far away, people have the ability to meet other people with similar interests. Online gaming systems, such as Xbox and PlayStation, enable people to meet others through entering a random online gaming party or by selecting people they have played with before. By choosing to play with previous players, players end up talking more and friendships are built.

“[Online friends are] fun to play with and you make memories with them even if you don’t see them,” senior Warren Brown said.

According to a national survey conducted by Pew Research Center in 2014, 57 percent of teenagers across the nation have online friends. Based on the survey, it was concluded that around 64 percent of teens who have online friends have met them through the means of social media applications such as Instagram and Facebook. These types of online websites are changing the dynamic of how teenagers today interact with one another and have made it easier to meet new people who have similar interests.

“I met a girl who I think similarly to and we share many hobbies. I met her through the communication app called Bottled, and I speak to her everyday,” junior Bodan Harrington said. “She lives in New York and I am going to visit her this summer. Although we met on Bottled, we now talk everyday, but usually on SnapChat.”

Although meeting new friends through social media might seem unconventional to some, to others it is a better way to meet people with similar interests. Social media applications have provided many teens with the opportunity to expand their interests and hobbies as well as the people who they share those experiences with.

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Social media, gaming sites create unlikely friendships