Spring break means time for travel, work and family

Sophia Farrow, Associate Writer

Students are getting ready for more time off from school. The week of April 2, students will get another break, and this one won’t be caused by snow or bad weather. Spring break is right around the corner and students are finalizing their plans.

Travel will be a popular pastime this spring break. From jet setting across the Atlantic to traveling within the states, students have full itineraries. Vacations extend to Puerto Rico, Ireland, Scotland,

A group of four students and theater teacher Connie Rose will visit Ireland and Scotland. They depart March 29, and they will return April 8. While on the adventure, they will visit popular cities like Dublin and Belfast in Ireland and Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands.

“While in Scotland and Ireland, we plan on visiting famous landmarks, I’m hoping we see the sword of William Wallace,” senior Warren Brown said. “My family’s heritage is from Scotland and Ireland, and I’ve always wanted to visit there. When I heard about this opportunity I instantly took it.”

Rose has been doing these trips for several years, and it’s just as much as an experience for her as it is for the students.

“I am excited to go on this trip because I haven’t been to Ireland or Scotland before.” theater teacher Connie Rose said. “ I will be sharing this first time experience with my students and I hope that it will inspire the students.”

Students will also be traveling to places within the country. From the west coast to New England, students will also be traveling to other states and other places. While out of state, students plan on shopping, visiting family and friends, and going to the beach if they are going to a warm place.

“I am pretty excited to go to Connecticut to visit my great grandma,” sophomore Kamaaron Adams said. “I plan on spending time with her because I haven’t seen her in a while.”

Students journeying across the country have similar plans in mind.

“ I am very excited that I might be going to California,” sophomore Elizabeth Harvey said. “I plan on spending time with my sister and her kids. The kids and I will most likely be playing video games.”

Not all students will travel over the break, some will stay here and work.  The students that work plan to get as many hours as possible so they’ll make more money.

“Personally, I don’t mind working over spring break because I know I’m not going anywhere over break.” freshman Cassidy Sadler said. “I can also get a lot of hours in so I can make more money.”

Weather in April can be questionable, especially with an early break; however, students who are staying put hope the week will bring warm weather and opportunities to go to the beach.

“I plan on staying in town because I want to,” senior Austin Smith said. “All of my friends are staying here and I plan on going to the beach with my girlfriend and friends.”

Most spring break activities aren’t based on the weather, they are based on what the students plan to do. Students are ready to spring into the break that is just around the corner.