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Unusual fears: Lighthouses, spiders, ice skating, oh my!

Chole Griffiths, Staff Writer

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Everyone has that one thing that makes their knees a little weak or their skin crawl. Something that makes their mouths let out an ear piercing sheik and eyes get huge.

Fear of spiders, clowns and heights are a some of the more common fears but there can be some fears that are unusual. Oftentimes, these fears stem from unpleasant experiences, vivid nightmares or a horror movie gone wrong.

“I am mostly afraid of spiders because they can be anywhere like in your room and you won’t even know they’re there. Also, they could be poisonous and you won’t even realize it,”  junior Ryan Braswell said. “It all started when I was little and I saw a black widow in my room and it freaked me out. Since then, I have been scared of spiders.”

These fears can also result from watching a parent experience the same fear. These fears can be “inherited” or shared within a family and cause the fear to be heightened. For English teacher Kassie Mount, the fear of birds has followed her throughout life.

“My mom has always had a fear of birds so I just got the idea that they were dangerous,” Mount said. “They are just to many sharp objects on them and if they fly around me I have a little panic attack and cry, and when I was little my babysitter has some vicious chickens. Also in college I was chased by a goose around a pond.”

However, in the world there are people who are scared of the most unusual things like, bubbles, rain, trees and even falling asleep.

“I fear ice skating,” senior Colby Gold said. “I’m just not with it. It’s dangerous, you have two blades that you have to balance on and if you fall somebody can easily run over you and hurt you because the blades are basically knives.”

Fears can be defined as an exaggerated reaction to a particular object or living thing. Witnessing or hearing about a tragedy can cause fears to form, especially if the individual feels out of control. For instance, hearing about a shark attack may trigger a fear of the ocean.

“I’ve been scared of the ocean for a about two years now after that one day where I got caught in a rip current and being saved about 30 minutes later by a lifeguard,” freshman Kaitlyn Midgett said.

Not all fears stem from traumatic experiences. Sophomore Blake Gard’s “crippling fear” of lighthouses came from a sudden realization of a lighthouse’s shortcomings.

“It’s everything about them. I’m okay in planes and on other tall buildings, it’s just lighthouses. I guess it’s because you can see through the floor and it’s enclosed so you can’t get out,” he said. “Lighthouses aren’t kept up to the same high standards of other structures.”

Whether it be the occasional insect or a winter activity, weird fears will cause a scare.

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Unusual fears: Lighthouses, spiders, ice skating, oh my!