Take care of yourself for the holidays

Rena Casey, Associate Editor

The holiday season is seen as a time of love and happiness, but for some, it may not come across that way. During this time, loneliness and isolation can be prominent due to factors in life such as distant relatives, passings of close loved ones, etc. It can also be common for people to feel emotionally distant with people they’re with, which means they can feel lonely even in a room full of people. For the people who feel a sense of loneliness and isolate themselves from others, this time of year can be extremely stressful. However, if you or someone you may know is experiencing this, maybe the following suggestions can help.


While this may be easier said than done, the most important part for people is being able to be good to themselves. The feeling of loneliness can be overwhelming and can really affect someone’s mental and physical health, so taking care of themselves can make them not only feel good, but also enjoy their solitude more. Whether some may take a relaxing bath, listen to their favorite music or pamper themselves in any other manner, taking time to do things that someone enjoys can enhance their mood and could take their focus off of feeling alone.


A reason why people feel more alone during this time is because of the holiday expectations that have been set by society. People feel more alone because the absence of a partner or a close relative seems more uncomfortable than any other time of the year. Some people should realize that not everyone’s lives live up to “movie standards” and that it’s okay if some don’t have a date to a holiday party because not everything has to be perfect. People have to live their best life without having to worry if they’re doing it right to please society’s standards.