Sound To Sea March Edition


Tiffany Fenz, Web Editor


Here are some stories that will be featured in the newest edition:

  • “As An Athlete” by: Darcy Kampe: As an athlete it can be hard with school, homework, and everything else that could be happening in their lives. Learn how some student athletes juggle all this.
  • “Let a Kid Be A Kid” by: Cora Pate: Free time for teenagers back in the day has dramatically changed from today, lots of  high school students don’t have time to truly have fun anymore. Here Cora points out how kids cannot be kids anymore.
  • “Dear Denny”: Our own Dear Denny is here to answer all of your questions
  • “SLEEP” by: Jordan Baum: Sleep is very important to high school students. Here Jordan explains how some kids may not get the minimum nine hours of sleep they need each night.
  • “As A Worker” by: Cora Pate: As teenagers we need money so it’s no surprise that some of us have jobs. Read how one student’s schedule could be so similar to yours.
  • “What’s The Tea Sis?” by: Tiffany Fenz: Mr. Vrablic is loved and will be missed at Manteo High school. Memories are a good thing to have, here are some students favorite memories with Mr. Vrablic.