“My Commute” : Taste Teaser for “THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT?”


Emily Meekins , Staff Member

An hour+ drive to school is dreadful. It’s especially bad when your bus driver won’t let you do homework That chunk of time can be quite detrimental to evening plans such as homework. Imagine having an after school activity from 3-5, getting home at 6, dinner from 6:30-7, wanting to shower, do chores, and decompress all before 8 then doing homework from 8 until when you finish. Let’s say you don’t get to bed until 11:00. Then you have to get up at 5:30 because your bus comes at 6:15. That’s one intense schedule. It’s also especially exhausting after 5 days of doing it. All you crave is the weekend. “……..” says a student who lives in ** which is an hour bus ride away from the school. It’s honestly a miracle if you get to bed before 11. Only then to get up at the crack of dawn You don’t even get 7 hours of sleep and the average teenager is supposed to get 8+. Oftentimes, the commute to and from school is overlooked. No one really thinks about it or its consequences. A majority of students have a 10-15 min drive and to think someone’s trek to school being over an hour is just beyond them.
If only you could cut out a chunk of your day so you could have a little more down time and more time to sleep. Well, you need to eat. After school activities are not only encouraged but recommended. You gotta keep yourself clean and do what you parents ask. So really, what else is there left to eliminate? Homework? No. You’ve GOT to do your homework. But it’ll take like three hours and it’s already 8 o’clock. Too bad. Buckle up and get a red bull because you’ve got reading for english, a packet for math, a project for science, a test in social studies. And maybe you’re taking an AP class or a COA class, that work just keeps piling up.

Well, there goes the opportunity to do anything fun or creative. The pressure on homework kills teens social lives and spikes up there stress levels. Honestly, all we want is a little free time.