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Caroline Mode & Liz Hodgson
Staff Members

What is high school like now that you’re a senior? : “As a senior, high school is more different than it has ever been. More freedom, yet more responsibility. You form more personal, adult-like bonds with some teachers. School is the easiest and hardest it has been so far. But most of all, it is a time of awakening for everyone.” – Senior Conner Culpepper

What classes are you taking this year?: “I take APES first period, I have skilled sports and English 4 second period, BC Calc third period, jazz band fourth, and fifth I have Political science and Music appreciation from COA.” – William Pendelton

“AP Statistics, AP Earth and Environmental Science, Honors English 4, and 4 COA classes.” – Emily Pack

“AP Classes such as APES and AP-STATS … I’m also taking personal finance to help me prepare for my future in college.” – Senior Alexia Barrow

How many colleges have you applied to,and why? :“ I decided to apply to 15 colleges. … When you have opportunity at your fingertips, you should probably grasp it. I qualified for fee waivers, so I didn’t have to worry about the associated fees. Applying to many different schools will inevitably grant me more opportunity than a select few. Plus, I enjoy collecting acceptance letters boi. B)”- Culpepper

“I have applied to six colleges because I want to have options.”-Wesley Mitchum

Are you ready to graduate, or do you want to stay in high school longer?: “I’m ready to go to college and start my journey at VMI, but I don’t want to leave my friends or the sports teams, and I wish I could retake some of the
classes that I had a really great time in.” – Pendelton

How stressed are you about senior year?: “Senior year itself is about as stressful as any other year. It’s the college applications and financial aid stuff that makes it even more stressful.” – Raechelle Eller

What was it like before you applied to colleges? Do you feel much better now or are there other things you have to worry about?: “It was very stressful before applying to colleges. I feel so much better now sending my applications and getting acceptances. Financial aid, scholarships, and maintaining my grades are the only things I have to worry about.” – Eller

What sets you back when you think about graduating and starting your life?: “Leaving behind everything and everyone I’ve ever known is a very scary thought. Being on my own is both exciting and terrifying.” – Eller

Do you feel proud of yourself, what you have done during your high school career, and what you have accomplished?: “I am proud of making it this far. I remember thinking about college as an elementary schooler and doubting I could even make it to high school. Every new experience is a win for me.” – Eller

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