As A Senior…. Going In To The Military

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Rowan Land
Staff Member

Some students at Manteo High School are planning on joining the military in some capacity after graduating or after college. There are many different reasons why someone would want to join the military, ranging from good opportunities, the various benefits of doing so, and personal reasons. It would be prudent to keep yourself aware of the military as an option for the future, as you may discover an opportunity you would not have been aware of otherwise.
Many people overlook the military, thinking it is not a good idea without truly considering it. Military careers are very diverse; there are jobs for many different fields throughout the branches: Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marine Corps,
and Navy. This means that a field you are interested in may also have a job in the military related to it. The military offers a different path for graduating students, and it does not always involve joining immediately. In some cases, the military even gives out scholarships, like the ROTC scholarships, for which you first go to college, and then join afterwards in an advanced position. Others join immediately, a valid option that will give useful skills for later in life. There are many benefits to a military career, ranging from income and tangible things to skills and character building. Serving long enough in the military gives you access to medical benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs, the
VA, as well as healthcare and dental care. Other benefits that are maybe less obvious are learning life skills like team-building, self-dicipline, and many other skills and life lessons that are useful both in acquiring future jobs after service, or for life in general. Seniors from Manteo High School join the military every year, and if you are interested in joining yourself, or simple want more information, recruiters for the military occasionally come to this school and both provide information and assist students who are interested.

What branch are you planning on joining and why?: “United States Navy, because job opportunities match my capabilities, and I want to be on an aircraft carrier.”

What made you want to join the military?: “Family history of service, and I like
the sound of it.”

Do you have plans after the military? If so, what?: “Pursue a career in politics.”

How will your service help you when you are done?: “Tremendous health benefits, access to the VA, experience in technology, and leadership skills.”

“I’m joining the Marine Corps because they are the most intense and effective branch, without a doubt. I’ve wanted to join the military since I was young. I’m a powerful guy mentally and physically, and I want to use my abilities for the benefit of everyone in this country. I am considering serving until I retire, and then I hope to become a therapist. I’ll take classes while I’m in there, enabling me to provide therapy. My job in the Marines will be aviation operations, so I may decide to work at an airport or something along those lines instead.”

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