Be You!…But not in THAT way

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Tiffany Fenz
Staff Member

CONFIDENCE: a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities.

Almost everyday I am told or I see “Be You” or “Don’t let anyone else control who you really are,” but to be who you really are, you need confidence. Confidence comes in all different ways. For some it comes from grades, from the opinions of others, or just from inside themselves. Confidence is usually fed by something, though. If someone wakes up one day and thinks of a compliment they received, it can make make him or her feel like a million bucks that day. If instead that morning brings memories of criticism or insult, it can bring him or her down. Some people can just wake up and tell themselves everyday that they are beautiful and smart and good enough no matter what, and that works for them. These people can be repeatedly criticized but have no problem ignoring it. If some- one gets an unexpectedly great test grade, it can make their day better. A bad grade on that test, though, can devastate them. Self image and esteem are also a big factor in what makes a person who they are, how they act, and how they are seen by others. If someone does the wrong thing or hangs out with the wrong person, other people will often judge him or her negatively.
Others will label people and say things about them that aren’t necessarily true. Often people are judged for things
they do by people who don’t even know who they really are or what motivates them. The worst thing is, it’s gotten so normal in today’s society that kids will go through trying times and act like nothing happened, that they are “fine.” It doesn’t matter who you hang out with or what you do If hanging out with a certain person makes you happy, then you should do so. If you like to dress according to your own fashion sense, then you should do so. If you get a bad grade
but want to do better next time, then you should do so. There are so many solutions to all of these problems, and the
only question should be: Which solution will you choose? “My confidence comes from what others say. I get compared
to my sister all the time. I feel the need to show off more or act a certain way because that’s what “cool kids” do. Really though you should just love yourself and learn that others’ opinions dont matter.” -Anonymous

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