What’s the Tea Sis? Vrablic Edition

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Tiffany Fenz
Staff Member

As Manteo High School students shed their biggest tears, we say goodbye to Mr.Vrablic. It is no secret that Mr.Vrablic was a favorite here at Manteo High School; many students loved him and are going to miss him. We decided to ask Mr.Vrablic some of the questions that kids at MHS really wanna know the answers to.

So are you 36 now? Or are you still at 35?: “I work with variables, not numbers. X and Y. It’s just unknown.”

What is your favorite coffee from front porch?: “I like them all. I just go in there and get a different coffee everyday. I can’t tell the difference. I don’t like the sugary ones though, only black.”

What else do you like to do in your spare time besides work out and teach math?: “I go to boot camp every morning at 5:30 AM on the beach. On Saturdays, I go at 7:00, and on Sundays there is no boot camp. I’m going to keep doing that for sure.”

If you could teach any subject other than math, what would it be?: “Is there another subject?”

And of course we also had to ask some general ones…

Who was your most unusual student?: “I had a lot of good students. All my students were good. The best environment is when the student and teacher respect each other. Every student I’ve had have had remarkable

What are you going to miss most about teaching at MHS?: “The kids. The kids are the only reason I stayed teaching and why I love it. Leaving the kids is the hardest part”

Do you have any plans for the future?: “Not really, I think I’m just going to stay here and back off a little bit. Take a break and see if I miss teaching enough to come back to it.”

Mr. Vrablic, you will leave a math sized hole in the heart of Manteo High. Students and faculty alike will greatly miss you.

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