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Assistant Principal:  Ms. Hudspeth

Before our assistant Principal, Ms. Hudspeth, was an administrator at Manteo High School, she was a student. She graduated in 2003, sixteen years ago, and she agreed to share her memories of the school and to reflect on changes since that time.

Graduation: “The graduation ceremony was held in 2003 at the same location it is held today, Waterside Theater, home of The Lost Colony outdoor drama. During her graduation, Ms. Hudspeth was the Vice President of her class, and Mr. Arty Tillett was principal, and they ended up sitting next to each other on the stage. There was a downpour during the ceremony, so it was finished in record time.”

Last year she was up on the stage for her first graduation as an administrator, and she was seated next to Mr. Tillett once again, but she is now an Assistant Principal and he is now Assistant Superintendant.

One School: In 2003, MHS was the only Dare County high school north of Oregon Inlet. First Flight High School was still a year away from opening, and enrollment was around 1,200. In comparison, current enrollment is at 517, less than half of the pre-split total.

Student Life:  Back in 2003, the Outer Banks laid-back culture extended to school. Jeans and a T-shirt was the unofficial uniform for most students, and a casual attitude towards school and towards life in general was the norm during Ms. Hudspeth’s time as a student at Manteo High School. She has since seen how different dress and culture are at other schools compared to the MHS lifestyle. Flash forward to today, and . . . well, jeans and a T-shirt and a laid-back attitude still rule.

Class Offerings:  Classes like Peer Tutoring and French used to be offered at MHS in 2003, but otherwise pretty much the same classes were offered then as are on the schedule now. Ms. Hudspeth took French when it was offered here, and her teacher was Ms. Pierce. Now, Ms. Pierce is the Assistant Principal at First Flight High School and Ms. Hudspeth is the Assistant Principal at Manteo High School.

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