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“I am so happy to be a product of Manteo High School and to be back here as an administrator. I love being back in my hometown and seeing so many familiar faces. The culture of MHS is like no other; we are all a family. Tradition is strong, and I take pride in that. I never thought in a million years when I left MHS in 2003 that I would be walking these halls 16 years later. Never say never!  — Ms. Hudspeth

Discipline:  Since Ms. Lee was an assistant principal in 2003, discipline at MHS did not change much until Ms. Hudspeth took over the job last year. One difference, though, is that Ms. Lee used to sit outside the school in a gold minivan that the students called the “Gold Chariot.” Seniors at the time could leave campus for lunch, and there was a daily game of cat and mouse between underclassmen trying to sneak out in somebody’s trunk or students trying to sneak back in late and Ms. Lee trying to catch them.

Transportation: Before First Flight opened, all of the students who lived on the beach all the way up to Duck would have to get all the way back down to Manteo High School. Just like today, not many of them rode the bus; instead, a lot of people carpooled. Everybody knew everybody when there was only the one high school, so getting a ride wasn’t a problem. Nonetheless, Ms. Hudspeth knew one student who lived in Carova in Currituck County who drove to MHS every day instead of to Currituck County High School.

The Lee Factor: During Ms. Hudspeth’s first week as Assistant Principal, Mr. Luciano was gone, so she and Ms. Lee spent that week together as the only administrators in the building. Ms. Lee had been Ms. Hudspeth’s AP, so working with her as a colleague made for an interesting week. Ms. Hudspeth has several family ties to Manteo High School though her mother taught here and her father was principal after the split so she already had a history with Ms. Lee. Coming here felt like coming full circle back to her home.

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