Parading Around Town

Manteo’s annual homecoming parade started on Friday, October 12th, at 4:00 PM. Before all of the fun began, there were a lot of preparations for another year’s homecoming. Band, colorguard, and cheerleaders had to practice songs and routines. Everyone else in the parade had to learn and practice the route. 

“It was fun to see everyone in the community,” said senior Ayanna Selby. Since she is a senior, her favorite float in the parade was the senior float. Ayanna helped prepare the float by helping to make the jukebox that was prominent on the float.

Senior James Gilreath said that his favorite part about being on the homecoming court this year was “Just the overall experience, and the senior skit and pep rally was really fun.” He has “been in the parade every year for as long as he can remember,” said Gilreath. He and Ainsley Ludolph made signs for and rode in a BMW convertible driven by Ms. Laura Whitehurst. Gilreath stated that he did not campaign for homecoming king, but that he was voted onto the homecoming court. He enjoyed being in the parade because of “The crowd and the overall atmosphere of the people coming out to support the football team and the high school as a whole.

Senior Kyle Soles’s favorite float in the parade this year was the sophomore float. “It was really cool, and the theme was nice, and it went with the theme of the parade,: said Soles. He enjoyed being in the parade because he “liked to see everyone come out and support.” If Soles could have chosen to be on any float other than the football float, he would have chosen the senior float. He has been in the homecoming parade all four years that he has been attending Manteo High School.

The students of Manteo High School once again enjoyed a great parade, and the community turnout and positive feedback confirm that Manteo continues to support the school and the football team. It was a mixture of the new and the familiar, made even sweeter by the bags of candy tossed from the floats to the kids lining the parade route.