Go behind the scenes of Friday Night Lights

Hannah Smith, Staff Writer

Before the fans arrive and the lights come on, many hours of practice and preparation go into making Friday Night football possible.

At the beginning of the week field preparation begins. Head Coach Eddie Twyne, along with the help of Coach Chad Leary, Coach Floyd Basnight and the weight training class, manage the field. The practice field and game field are mowed several times a week, and roughly five hours are spent painting and setting up the field.

“Our players and coaches all take a great deal of pride in our facilities and want them to always be clean and in excellent condition for our Redskins and future Redskins,” Twyne said.

During the week football players prepare for their upcoming game both mentally and physically. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday practices the team runs through plays and tackles, and watches tape of the opposing teams’ offensive and defensive formations. On Thursday practices, the team goes through plays without tackling so no one gets injured.

“On Fridays I try to relax and stay hydrated until the game,” senior James Cahoon said. “I like to listen to music, have some quiet time and focus on my plays before the game.”

Before every home game the Mom’s Club provides dinner for the football team and coaches. Mothers of several football players spend hours volunteering to prepare and serve the food prior to game time.

“It is so important to know that our sons go out on the field with healthy food in their stomachs,” football mom Suzanne Pack said. “It is awesome to see a team of high school football players eat and behave as gentlemen in a quiet, focused and appreciate atmosphere before a game.”

After the National Anthem is played, the team forms a huddle and runs onto the field to the sounds of the cheering crowd.

“When we run out onto the field I am usually thinking over plays in my head, trying to get my mind right and telling myself not to mess up,” junior Colby Fry said.

During the game, the hours of practice and studying plays are put into action. Without this preparation from the football program, students, faculty, family members and community members would not have the opportunity to experience football on Friday nights.

“I think that all fans should know that football has way more to it than people think,” senior Justin Keller said. “We dedicate a large portion of our lives to this game by practicing every day and studying each opponent.”