SOTM: students receive recognition for hard work

The Student Government Association reintroduced a Student of the Month program at the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year. Each month, teachers nominate students based on attendance, citizenship, responsibility and motivation. A committee of teachers and administrators reviews the nominees and selects the top student for each month. Students receive an award from SGA and their name goes on the SOTM plaque outside of the guidance office. 


June 2015

Name: Hannah Smith (valedictorian)


May 2015

Name: Everett Meekins


April 2015

Name: Justin Johnson

Grade: 12th

Interests/Extracurricular Activities: football, track, computers/gaming

Favorite Classes: Anything with Mr. Twigg

Fun Fact: Sang and danced in Stage Left productions for drama


March 2015

Name: Enrique Rojas

Grade: 12th

Interests/Extracurricular Activities: soccer

Favorite Classes: AVID and anything with Mr. Twigg

Fun Fact: Believes that living is fun


February 2015

Name: Elizabeth Wheless

Grade: 9th

Interests/Extracurricular Activities: marching band, concert band, mathletes, SGA, dance, Disney trivia club

Favorite Classes: Algebra 2, biology, band and introduction to publications

Fun Fact; Has a knack for accents


January 2015

Name: Rebecca Boyce

Grade: 11th

Interests/Extracurricular Activities: theatre, choir, strings, working with kids, teaching and anything that involves music.

Favorite Classes: AP Language and Choir

Fun Fact: Participated in all the shows Stage Left has put on since my freshmen year


December 2014

Name: Hannah Smith

Grade: 12th

Interests/Extracurricular Activities: Color Guard, Yearbook, Mathletes, Ocean Science Bowl, Tutoring, Reciting Poetry, Volunteering at church

Favorite Classes: AP Literature and Publications

Fun Fact: Will be attending UNC-Chapel Hill in the fall


November 2014:

Name: Natalee Twiford

Grade: 11th

Interests/Extracurricular Activities: AVID, tutoring, volunteering for the triathlon, volunteering at the hospital

Favorite Class: AP Language

Fun Fact: Volunteered at the hospital because of an interest in the nursing field


October 2014

Name: Corinna Aragon

Grade: 12th

Interests/Extracurricular Activities: Art, theatre, ROTC/Marines, track and field, tutoring, surgery, flying

Favorite Classes: AP Art and AP Calculus

Fun Fact: Collects tourist spoons from different states.


September 2014:

Name: Jordan Carman

Grade: 12th

Interests/Extracurricular Activities:  Swimming and SCUBA Diving

Favorite Classes: Chemistry and AP Environmental Science

Fun Fact: State qualifier for swimming all four years of high school