He got spirit, how ’bout you?



Sophomore J.R. Quidley performs with other members of the basketball cheerleading squad during the varsity boys game against Plymouth Jan. 7.

Dana Davenport and Cassie Toler

For the first time in school history, a male joined the basketball cheerleading squad.

Sophomore J.R. Quidley’s interest in cheerleading began years ago. At age five, he participated in a competition cheerleading program with FAME Cheerleading in Virginia. This experience helped prepare him for his role on this year’s squad.

“I have always wanted to be a Manteo High School cheerleader because I enjoyed competition cheer when I was younger,” Quidley said. “I loved being able to compete against other people and meeting new people.”

Quidley had to be very cooperative and willing as the squad grew with its new member.

“It was different having a boy on the team because most cheerleaders are girls, but it just took some time getting used to,” sophomore Mabel Hathaway said.

Cheerleading includes performing different moves, stunts and chants and being coordinated. During basketball season, the squad practiced two to three times a week for three to four hours at a time. With the help of its coaches, the squad formed stunt groups with bases and flyers as well as dance routines. Quidley’s presence on the team allowed the squad to perform more difficult stunts and routines.

“Having J.R. on our team made our squad much more spirited and loud while doing our chants,” sophomore Candice Craddock said. “I’m glad I was able to experience having a boy on the same team as me.”

J.R. had many responsibilities during the season. However, his main job was being a back spot for his stunt group. One of his main goals was to be enthusiastic with everything he did. Quidley plans to try out for both football and basketball cheerleading next year.

“To prepare for next season’s tryouts, I will be taking tumbling classes throughout the summer and participating in multiple cheer camps,” Quidley said.