Stage Left to perform “Shrek the Musical”


Jillian Fearing and Caitlin Locke

Fans of Shrek get ready because “Shrek the Musical” arrives in the school theater March 20. Stage Left will be performing the popular children’s tale the next two weekends.

“It’s a fun show and I’m super duper excited for it,” junior Jaidee Elliott said. “My favorite character is Pinocchio and Gingi, played by Sydney Putnam and Alexis Chandler. They’re very lively and energetic.”

For the first time in Stage Left history, there was not a fall show due to lack of participation. Director Connie Rose believes that “Shrek the Musical” will make up for it.

“I think it will be a home run,” Rose said. “The actors in Stage Left are serious about what they do. They have worked hard and it shows on stage.”

Shrek is a green ogre who discovers that his swamp has been invaded by a group of fairy tale creatures. In order to get his swamp back, he has to rescue Princess Fiona. She has turned into an ogress and the only thing that can break the curse is true love’s first kiss.

Senior Ryan Gorzkowski, who plays Shrek, is thankful to have the lead in a musical his senior year.

“Being the lead this year is a great ending to my theatrical career,” Gorzkowski said, “It’s one of the funnest shows I have ever done. Shrek is Love. Shrek is Life.”

Junior Sydney Putnam agrees with Gorzkowski that “Shrek the Musical” will be a show to remember.

“‘Shrek The Musical’ is definitely the most interesting production we have ever chosen,” Putnam said, “however, it ended up being one the most fun [too]!”

Costumes were a challenge during the production of the play. In addition to a green ogre, the play includes a donkey, pigs and a gingerbread man.

“We have some serious costume challenges and the actors themselves face some hurdles, but we are handling them,” Rose said.

The weather in February presented additional hurdles for the cast. Cold weather, ice, and snow cancelled school and rehearsals. However, Rose believes her actors are mature and is proud of them for being able to push through the difficulties.

“It is very hard to translate a cartoon to real humans,” Rose said. “Even the pros on Broadway find it tough. We don’t have big resources so we must be creative. Creativity is plentiful in Stage Left!  Also, with a show as well-known as Shrek it is hard not to just try and copy what others do.  We aren’t doing that.  We have put our own spin on things and on some of the characters.  We think we have a great show that will please everyone!”

The play includes performances by both veteran actors and new ones.

“This is my first show so I am very excited,” junior Arturo Lara said. “It’s a great show, with great music and we’re expecting a great turnout.”

Lara is not the only fresh face in Stage Left this year.

Sophomore Jason Trotter said, “It is also my first show so there is a lot more pressure. All the February snow set us back some but we are all really pushing and rehearsing our hardest. It’s going to be a great turnout.”

Rose and the cast of Stage Left encourage everyone to come out to see the show.

“This is feel good show with a great message and one that everyone will want to see again and again,” Rose said. “We [even] have some surprises in for you all!”

Stage Left will perform “Shrek the Musical” Friday, Saturday and Sunday the weekends of March 20 and 27. Friday and Saturday shows will begin at 7 p.m., and the Sunday show will be a matinee starting at 2 p.m. General admission is $8, seniors and students are $6 and orchestra seating is $10.