PowerSchool changes the way students register for classes

This spring students signed up for next year’s classes in a way they have never done before, by computer.

Guidance counselors spoke to students about registration through their English classes in late February. The counselors gave an overview to the students about what required classes they would need to get into their college choices.  After this, students went online and signed up for classes through PowerSchool. Each student logged on their PowerSchool, which is typically used to view grades, and went on the School Registration tab to sign up for the classes they prefer for next year.

“I liked signing up for classes online because I was able to manage what classes I took yearlong and semester,” sophomore Brittany Nieman said.

Students are more confident that the classes they chose online are the classes they will end up getting for next year, because students recommendations were in the computers before their meetings. Although some enjoyed seeing the classes they can sign up for online, many other students found it difficult.

“It was more confusing because I’d rather talk and ask about what the classes are and when to take them with an adult before deciding,” sophomore Lindsay Jones said.

This process gave students a better understanding of how scheduling works and the challenges of making desired classes work.

“I feel like students will have a good chance of getting the classes that they want,but I have no way of telling if this is better until the end of the school year when registration is over,” guidance counselor Marie White said.

Following online registrations, students met with their guidance counselor to finalize their picks. The meetings took place during the school days and parents were invited to attend.