Prom 2015: a night to remember

Seniors Parker Midgett and Chris Robertson are the 2015 Prom Queen and King.

Sarah Pritchard

Seniors Parker Midgett and Chris Robertson are the 2015 Prom Queen and King.

The great room at Jennette’s Pier turned into “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” for the junior-senior prom April 25.

“I really enjoyed the ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ theme for prom this year. The decorations were very simple and easy to make, but it still looked wonderful,” junior Tori Lowe said.

This was the second time the school hosted its prom at Jennette’s Pier.

“Jennette’s Pier was a great location,” senior Glenn Gray said. “You could walk out on the balcony if you got hot and cool down.”

For some girls, getting ready for prom is a process that can consume the entire day.

“To get ready I went up the beach and got my hair and makeup done and then went home to get dressed,” junior Ashley Grissom said.

Whether it’s nail, hair or makeup appointments, preparing for prom takes a lot of planning.

“I went ahead and got my nails done a few days before prom because I figured everyone would be in there the day of prom,” junior Annie Fitzgerald said.

After looking at the extended forecast, prom-goers began hoping the weather would change and the rain would hold off. Luck was on their side though, and the rain held off until around 8:00 p.m. and short showers continued throughout the evening.

“At first I was upset about the weather being rainy, but it didn’t mess up taking pictures so everything turned out fine,” junior Caroline Jarvis said.

Prom-goers flooded the Elizabethan Gardens around 5:30 p.m to take pictures in front of its spring blooms.

“I had a photoshoot at Elizabethan Gardens before prom. All my family came and it was fun seeing everyone there all dressed up,” senior Lesly Ramirez said.

Following pictures, many groups and couples headed off to local restaurants, several of which offered discounts to the students. Both Owen’s and Lone Cedar Cafe offered 50 percent meals to parties dressed for prom.

“Me and my date went to Lone Cedar Cafe,” senior India Murray said. “I got she crab soup and a salad. Everyone was there dressed up and it was also really cheap.”

A crowd also showed up at Owen’s Restaurant to grab a bite to eat before prom. “My prom group went to Owens,” Jarvis said. “The food was amazing and the service was great.”

High heels and tuxedos began to make their way up the ramp to Jennette’s Pier around 8:30 p.m. Once inside, students were greeted with Tiffany blue and glittery decorations. The dance floor became more and more crowded as the night progressed.

“Prom was a blast. I had a great time even though I learned I was bad at dancing,” junior Ryan Moore said.

Toward the end of the night, the DJ introduced the prom court and seniors Parker Midgett and Chris Robertson were announced Prom Queen and King. “Getting crowned king by Ms. Fischer was everything I wanted and more for my prom night,” Robertson said. “It was a great night that I will definitely cherish.”

The party didn’t stop with the last song of the night. Following prom, students headed over to the YMCA for the After Prom Party, which is sponsored by the Coastal Family Church.  Activities there included a photo booth, an obstacle course and a bouncy house as well as over $14,000 in prizes and cash.

“After Prom is a great way to make prom even more of a memory because (at least for me) staying up all night is not a usual occurrence. Plus, you get free food and can win prizes!! So why would anyone not want to go?” junior Sydney Putnam said.