Netflix: coming to a screen near you

Netflix is an on-line streaming media available in many countries for various ages, but it is most popular for teenagers who love TV shows and movies.

“Teens love Netflix because it’s a really good way to pass time when you’re not doing anything,” junior Abe Caballero said.

Netflix offers a wide range of TV series and movies for its viewers. From comedies to romance to drama, Netflix offers choices for all ages.

“Netflix is nice to watch on rainy days, and it is a great way to pass time,” junior Sierra Stroebert said.

Netflix plans start at $7.99, and the first month is free. Netflix offers movies and TV shows that are old and recent for their viewers to enjoy.

“Netflix never gets boring because there is always something to watch, and I always find a show that interests me,” freshman Will Brown said.

In addition to popular TV shows and movies, Netflix offers its own shows known as Netflix series. These series can only be seen on Netflix, and some popular ones are “Orange is the New Black,” “House of Cards,” “Trailer Park Boys” and “Hemlock Grove.”

“I like Netflix because as long as I have Internet I can watch it. I can watch it whenever and wherever I want,” freshman Dalton Payne said. “Netflix releases entire seasons for shows at once, so I can watch all the episodes at once. Or if you start watching late, you can watch an entire series at once!”

Many students become very involved in shows and their characters, and talk about them with their friends in and out of school.

When the teens are dedicated to a certain show or series, they will watch episode after episode to try and finish it as soon as possible. Even after finishing a series, some students will return to it and watch it over again for their enjoyment.

“Some shows are so good that I watch them a second time,” freshman Taylor Fisher said.

TV episodes vary in length, with most being either 30 or 60 minutes. Although watching an entire series can take up a lot of time, students find time to do so between homework and extracurricular activities.

“With a long day at school, practice and tournaments on the weekend, I find time at night to wind down and watch Netflix,” freshman Whitney Butler said.

Binge watching a show occurs when a viewer watches multiple episodes in one sitting. Many Netflix fans admit they have done this at one point or another while watching a series.

“When catching up on ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ I can lay in my bed for seven hours straight,” sophomore Dana Davenport said.

Netflix offers more than just recent shows and movies for their viewers. This year Netflix brought back popular older productions, like “Saved by the Bell” and “Friends,” which were hit shows with teens and young adults in the 1990s.

“After a long day of school and soccer, I stay up all night watching Netflix for entertainment,” sophomore Lindsay Jones said. “My favorite show to watch is ‘Saved by the Bell.’ I love it because it is very funny and such a classic.”