Select juniors, sophomores tour two state colleges

Dana Davenport and Cassie Toler

Selected sophomores and juniors had the opportunity to tour the campuses of North Carolina State University and North Carolina University at Chapel Hill May 18.

The goal of the trip was to expose the students to college life and provide them with information about college acceptance. Teachers encouraged students to go so that they could see both campuses and listen to information provided by speakers from both colleges.

“I really enjoyed attending this trip and being able to learn about future college endeavors,” sophomore Josh Pack said.

The first destination was the campus of UNC-Chapel Hill. Before the tour, students gathered in a conference room for a quick video and description about college and how to apply.  The students were split into different groups and were assigned a tour guide who was a student at the college. The guide gave a short orientation on dorms, academics and the student life. The students then got to eat at one the school’s cafeterias and shop at the student store.

“I really liked being able to see what the college had to offer by going on the tour,” sophomore Hannah Anglin said.

The next stop was NCSU where students were given a tour of the Solar House located on the campus. In the house, students looked for solar efficient items that could be used to save energy and benefit the environment. They also received a lesson about the different engineering programs and classes that NC State offers.

“It was a really neat experience learning about the solar house and how it works,” junior Sierra Stroebert said.

To be able to attend this trip, students had to have a current unweighted GPA of 3.0 or higher. A $5,000 donation from the Dare County Boat Builders Association made the field trip possible.

“Being able to go on this trip showed me what to expect, so now when I go to college I have an idea of what’s going on,” sophomore Sydney Pearce said.