College advisor joins faculty to help students explore options


College counselor Seth Rose helps senior Luciano Zottoli with a college application. Rose’s office is located in the library, and he is at MHS on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Joce Ramirez , Staff Writer

The Carolina Advising Corps is a program that helps high school students be the best they can be and meet their goals. UNC Chapel Hill as well as other colleges in the state realized high school students needed help with the college application process and developed this program.

Data collected by the program indicates students exposed to the program have more school options and more ways to pay for school than students in schools without it.

“There are a lot of high schools in need of the services of my organization in North Carolina,” Rose said.

Rose, who is a native of Durham, graduated from UNC Chapel Hill with a degree in political science in May 2015.

Rose decided to be a college advisor for high school students because as a high school student, he felt his school counselors weren’t able to help each student and he realized some were falling through the cracks. He wants to make sure that other students do not go through the same thing.

Before becoming a certified counselor, Rose attended an intensive six week training with 44 other future counselors.

“Working for the Carolina College Advising Corps is a great job because it allows me to have responsibilities and work I believe in at a young age,” Rose said. “I really enjoy supporting students as they pursue their dreams.”

Upon completion of his training, Rose was given two different options for his location – Rockingham County or Dare County. Rose went with Dare County because he thought  it would be nice living by the beach. As the counselor for this area, he serves all three high schools.

“The Outer Banks is physically stunning,” Rose said. “I am often amazed by the diversity of beautiful landscapes here.”

The program is designed for Rose to be here two years. Rose believes this is a prestigious job because of the influence and impact he can have on future generations.

“I believe my job will have an influence because many students do not receive enough attention in their post-high school planning process. Ideally, I can be the extra push to help students believe, and eventually achieve against the odds, their goal of attending college.”

Rose hopes to expose students to different campuses. He is currently working with AVID teacher Alfie Wheeler on a trip for the junior AVID class. The trip will take students to the campuses of UNC Chapel Hill, Elon University, North Carolina Wesleyan, Guilford College, Greensboro College, Wake Forest University, University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

“Visiting a college campus is the best way to learn whether that school is the right fit for you or not,” Rose said. “You can feel the vibe of the student body, and generally get a feel for whether you could be comfortable living there for four years.”

In addition to helping students learn about college options and fill out applications, he will work with students on scholarship and financial aid.

Seniors typically meet with administration and guidance counselors the summer before their senior year. However, with the arrival of Rose, these meetings were pushed back so he could attend. As a result, Rose has had the opportunity to meet with each student and his or her family at least once already.

“[Mr. Rose] helped me find some sweet colleges that I hadn’t thought about and helped a ton with the common application,” senior David Giles said.

The administration and other guidance counselors have been pleased with the knowledge and information he has already brought to the table for members of the senior class.

“[Having Rose and the program here has] been a very positive experience for both our seniors and for Mr. Rose,” principal John Luciano said.

College counselor Seth Rose helps senior Luciano Zottoli with a college application. Rose’s office is located in the library, and he is at MHS on Tuesdays and Thursdays.