Football teams enjoy sweet success

Sophia Farrow, Staff Writer

This football season kicked off to a great start with a 23-14 home win against Currituck.

“The Currituck game was a good start to the season, because it was a home win and the first game of the season,” senior captain Cliff Phelps said.

This year’s varsity football captains included seniors Phelps, Jazz Hanson, Mac Mason and Jared Straub.

“This year we have a great group of kids, lead by a great group of seniors,” head coach Eddie Twyne said.

Joining Twyne on the coaching staff are Mickey Daniels, Chad Leery, Brian Emery and Don Twyne.

The Homecoming game against Gates County proved to be an exciting win too. Gates scored the first touchdown of the game, and continued to score throughout the first half. By halftime, the score was 14-32. However, the team did not give up. The team’s defense held them back in the second half and ended up prevailing with a score of 38-32.

“We came back and won the homecoming game by not letting mistakes and the score during the game bother us,” Phelps said. “Instead, we just kept playing.”

As the regular season winds down, the coaches and players have the playoffs on their minds. They are hoping to host the first round of playoffs.

Twyne says that the team’s goal this year is the same as every year before this one, the goal is and has been “to try and get better everyday and play their best going into the playoffs”.

Although the JV team did not have as many games as varsity because of weather and other school’s not having JV programs, the team played well in the games it did have.

The first win for the JV team was against First Flight, with a score of 14-12. In the last few second of the game one of Manteo’s players ran the field and scored a touchdown. This resulted in a tie between the teams until Manteo scored two more points with a two point conversion.

The last game of the JV season brought another win. This time it was an 18-6 win against Camden.   

With the JV season ending before the varsity one, several players had the opportunity to move up which gives them valuable experience preparation for next year.

“It’s been really cool learning how to transition from JV to varsity,” sophomore Eric Williams said.

The varsity football team plays again on Friday, Oct. 30 against Plymouth. IMG_9770c

Varsity football players celebrate after coming back to defeat Gates County 38-32 during the Homecoming game Oct. 16.