Trump: the country’s best bet for a better future

Gracie Deichler , Staff Writer

This year has been quite a year for the presidential election. Between people dropping out of the race to shade being thrown, it has become apparent to me that Donald Trump is the strongest presidential candidate for the Republican Party. It’s pretty obvious that people love Trump. People have flooded to Twitter with support on his plans and saying he’s the man for the job. Here are a few reasons why Trump appears to be the candidate to beat.

He’s honest. Trump never hides what he feels.  The fact is Trump is transparent to a fault, from everything to his opinion on immigration to foreign relations. He is never afraid to say what he thinks. Although his comments can be rude, he’s never flakey with his answers. In polls Americans Trump comes out on top when compared to very public figures every time.

He can’t be intimidated. Trump has connections everywhere. From deep roots in business to opponents with far less resources, competitors simply can’t match Trump’s popularity. His overall demeanor make him intimidating. He’s never afraid to call someone out. Even when others call him out, he never waves the white flag.

He’s a business-centric leader who is comfortable making decisions. Trump’s business brain is proven.  He’s a negotiator, not a political puppet. He’s a deal maker who thrives in the hot seat of a boardroom. Today, Trump owns more than 100 companies and his net worth is approximately $4 billion. Everything suggests he’ll be the same in foreign negotiations or hunkered down in a military command center.

He’s clear with what he wants to do. Say hello to no grey areas. If there’s one thing everyone can say about Trump it’s that he knows what he wants and can answer any question about it. His wall plan may not be the most popular, but he knows how to answer the “holes” in his plans.

He may not be the most popular in the public eye because of the comments he says like his comments about Hispanic people, along  side with some of his plans such as his wall concept for immigration, but he is definitely the Republican candidate to look out for and nominate

for president.