Trump is pursuing an unlikely bid for presidency

Cole Basnight, Sports Editor

It is my personal belief that Donald Trump should not become the next president of the United States. He is too rambunctious, too arrogant and too insulting to be a president. He may have the business mentality that Americans want in a president, but his disrespect for anyone below him would not make him a good president nor someone who represents the United States.

Trump owned a TV show dedicated to firing the people he wanted to for not performing to his standards. Would he be any different in office? I do not believe so. He would keep doing the same things and insulting professionals as he always has. Yes, he might improve our economy, but he would not keep our morals and the way other countries see us at a high standard.

The poll’s show that Trump is leading the Republican Party as of right now, a year before the election. This is not always a good indicator as who would be president because the past few candidates who were leading at this point, fell out of the race for presidency. Just like Mitt Romney was last election and Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Democratic Primaries. This is still very early in the race because the real action starts to heat up next year.

Trump has no regard for others around him. During the Republican debates, he has been spotted making silly faces while his opponents talk, insulting the current president, and avoiding the questions he was asked. He also insulted a whole race by saying all Mexicans were criminals, drug dealers, and illegal and America had to keep them out of the country.

If Trump wants to keep his business and his TV show, he won’t become president because he would have to have bodyguards around him after his term in office is over.

Trump will not be president. He can’t become president. He will drive this country into the ground and ruin it. He will completely wreck our credibility around the world by being a celebrity president.