Haunted Houses

Myra Brown, Staff Writer

Wanchese woods

Wanchese Woods is all about the mysterious creatures that roam the woods in the dead of night. Acres of terror await those who are willing to wander down a rickety  boardwalk into a swampy area where they might encounter creatures of nightmares. Those who brave it might be chased by an insane doctor or a red eyed werewolf.  The tickets for Wanchese woods cost $15 per person. On the last weekend of October the church’s puts on a special ‘lights out’ trail that is $20.00 per person. All lights and bets are off during this time…get ready to face your worst nightmares!


Prepare to be terrified. What scares you the most? What makes you scream? Creatures of the night, insane children, zombies and disembodied ghosts, all roam the dark and deserted Fort Raleigh National Park. Each year the Lost Colony/Fort Raleigh National Park hosts a haunted trail for all those who dare to venture down its dark, creepy and haunted paths. Visitors will be terrified. During this spooky adventure, one will encounter everything from clowns to psychotic bloody children, maybe even a vampire wanting to suck your blood. Psychopath cost $15.00 per person on the normal tour and $25.00 per person for the ghost-pass. “It was fun and very well organized,” Dorian Clark said. “I really liked how you could interact with the actors. Very scary!”


Busch Gardens’ Howl-O-Scream offers chills and thrills to guests brave enough to venture into this cursed park. Navigate through Wendigo Woods, one of five Terror-tories; brave a darkly entertaining show like Monster Stomp on Ripper Row or explore haunted houses waiting for those daring enough to enter the park after dark. Be warned: at 6 p.m. Busch Gardens becomes a seriously scary place and may not be suitable for little ones. Please use discretion when bringing children into the park at this time. The curse continues weekends through Nov. 1. Tickets cost $77.00 for kids ten years old.